Krazy Kat

This concept design for a winery includes a fun and colorful illustration that suits the company’s brand and voice. Adobe Photoshop2011 Return to Gallery


Inspired by WPA-style national park posters, these screen print concepts showcase the natural, dramatic beauty of the volcanoes Tahoma (Rainier) and Waka-nunee-Tuki-wuki or Úytaahkoo (Shasta). Adobe Illustrator2011 Return to Gallery


Concept redesign of a DVD disc and jacket for a digital American Sign Language Dictionary company. Adobe Illustrator2012 Return to Gallery


This custom LEGO illustration started as a wedding invitation for the client, who requested a mashup of the couple’s interests: paleontology and reality TV (and LEGOs, of course). They decided to print the design on beer growlers to give away as favors for guests at the reception. Adobe Illustrator2022 Growlers by Zenan Glass Return to… Continue reading LEGO

Project NEURON

The National Institutes of Health funded Project NEURON to develop biology curriculum materials for middle and high schools. I created illustrations and layout, as well as content writing and editing, for many curriculum activities. These examples include educative board games, cards, and guides for teacher and student activities. Client: Project NEURON / University of Illinois;… Continue reading Project NEURON

Flowers Seen

This book showcases a series of my original botanic illustrations. I completed the drawings as a student project in the course Taxonomy of Flowering Plants several years ago. For the book, I wrote content, developed layout, and added an illustrative map at the front to show the locations of each specimen. Pen and colored pencil;… Continue reading Flowers Seen