Project NEURON

The National Institutes of Health funded Project NEURON to develop biology curriculum materials for middle and high schools. I created illustrations and layout, as well as content writing and editing, for many curriculum activities. These examples include educative board games, cards, and guides for teacher and student activities. Client: Project NEURON / University of Illinois;… Continue reading Project NEURON

Flowers Seen

This book showcases a series of my original botanic illustrations. I completed the drawings as a student project in the course Taxonomy of Flowering Plants several years ago. For the book, I wrote content, developed layout, and added an illustrative map at the front to show the locations of each specimen. Pen and colored pencil;… Continue reading Flowers Seen

Goose and Gander

Most of my work as a full time Interpretive Content Developer was writing. However, sometimes we needed a spot illustration to portray a concept at just the right moments. These illustrations help describe the roles in goose and duck families as part of the Wetlands exhibit, which featured a naturalist-style look and feel. Client: Woodland… Continue reading Goose and Gander

Nat Geo

National Geographic Society asked me to design layout for educational guides for National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, a multimedia, immersive experience in Times Square. I developed illustrative design elements and and layout for 50+ pages of content to help educators, families, and camps make the most of their trip to the experience. Client: National Geographic… Continue reading Nat Geo