Papel picado

This illustration was inspired by the Mexican folk art tradition of papel picado or “pecked paper.” Traditionally, the craft is hand-cut tissue paper, but this version was cut with a laser. Adobe Illustrator2014 Laser cut by Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction Return to Gallery


This illustrated wedding invitation featured Indian henna-inspired illustrations. The design subtly incorporated symbols important to the couple, such as the deity of beginnings, Ganesha. I also incorporated the illustration motifs into a wedding program. Adobe Illustrator and InDesign2011 Return to Gallery


This folk-art inspired “flat design” illustration features the couple’s animal companions and interests. They also requested I arrange the art into a bottle label for honey-barley wine favors for guests. Adobe Illustrator2016 Return to Gallery


This wedding ceremony booklet compiled the ceremony script, readings, and vows with gorgeous full-bleed photographs in a custom layout. Adobe Illustrator and InDesign2022 Photographs by Ben LucasPublished by Return to Gallery


This custom LEGO illustration started as a wedding invitation for the client, who requested a mashup of the couple’s interests: paleontology and reality TV (and LEGOs, of course). They decided to print the design on beer growlers to give away as favors for guests at the reception. Adobe Illustrator2022 Growlers by Zenan Glass Return to… Continue reading LEGO

Fiddler crab

Working from an preserved specimen, I practiced proper lighting and scaling of the subject to complete this scientific illustration. Graphite, charcoal, and paint; Adobe Illustrator2012

Project NEURON

The National Institutes of Health funded Project NEURON to develop biology curriculum materials for middle and high schools. I created illustrations and layout, as well as content writing and editing, for many curriculum activities. These examples include educative board games, cards, and guides for teacher and student activities. Client: Project NEURON / University of Illinois;… Continue reading Project NEURON

Flowers Seen

This book showcases a series of my original botanic illustrations. I completed the drawings as a student project in the course Taxonomy of Flowering Plants several years ago. For the book, I wrote content, developed layout, and added an illustrative map at the front to show the locations of each specimen. Pen and colored pencil;… Continue reading Flowers Seen

Goose and Gander

Most of my work as a full time Interpretive Content Developer was writing. However, sometimes we needed a spot illustration to portray a concept at just the right moments. These illustrations help describe the roles in goose and duck families as part of the Wetlands exhibit, which featured a naturalist-style look and feel. Client: Woodland… Continue reading Goose and Gander

Nat Geo

National Geographic Society asked me to design layout for educational guides for National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, a multimedia, immersive experience in Times Square. I developed illustrative design elements and and layout for 50+ pages of content to help educators, families, and camps make the most of their trip to the experience. Client: National Geographic… Continue reading Nat Geo